Daniel Contreras: Daniel currently serves as Editor in Chief, with plenty of experience in the field of technology journalism. Daniel is no stranger to hard work and achieving his goals. He is currently responsible for the content published on The USB Port.

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Staff Editors

Hector Morales: Hector is a language enthusiast and has a straightforward approach to life. He wants people to have access to reliable and practical information about modern technology and the world that sustains it (Companies, regulations, personalities, etc.). In his spare time, Hector enjoys listening rock music and watching dank memes.

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Staff Writers

Rafael Fariñas: Rafael is currently a tech writer for The USB Port with a background in filmmaking and EFL teaching.

Besides following the latest trends in emerging technologies around the globe, Rafael also enjoys watching both old and new TV shows and films; as well as staying tuned with the entertainment industry at large.

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Benjamin Tobelem: Benjamin is an enthusiast of literature, art, and tech. He is currently pursuing a college degree in the former two, and a writing career in the latter. Filming, bass playing, and political discussion are his other hobbies.

Benjamin covers a broad range of topics going from standard tech news to the latest, technologies, gaming releases, and editorials on current events.

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Angel Diaz: Being raised in a family of educators, he is currently an English teacher at a specialized institute. Angel has always been passionate about writing in any of its forms.

He loves writing stories, essays, papers and the most recently discovered news items. He likes spending most of his time with his family and his baby daughter.

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