BMW i3 Electric Car.
BMW i3 Electric Car. Image: YouTube.

We all know how stressful it can be to put a used set of wheels on the market. Add a monkey wrench like selling a used car powered by the unconventional power source we all can’t do without – electricity. This is an ordeal you can probably avoid in your life.

Reputed used car resellers such as Carswitch deal with used hybrid/electric cars. They not only help in connecting the right dealer and buyer but also help you with the paperwork and all other processes involved. With the help of such dealers, it’s now easier to sell your car in Sharjah more than ever.

Gone are the days when electric vehicles were just slow, boring golf carts. Nowadays, they’re ultra-quick sedans, luxurious SUVs, compact hatchbacks and practical family cars. If you’re looking to sell your car in UAE, here’s our guide with a few tips and tricks.

What makes used hybrids different?

Because of the technology involved in electric cars, the challenges of selling a used vehicle reaches a new level. They are configured with an electric drive system with computer-powered electronic controls along with the conventional gasoline powertrain. Hybrids have large battery packs with limited lifespans. Depending on the design of the cars, varying mechanical systems might be used in comparison to regular vehicles. All these components help hybrids deliver greater fuel efficiency.

Some things never change

Since these cars combine electricity and gasoline, hybrids have most of the same mechanical parts and issues that conventional vehicles have. Sellers who are putting their hybrid cars on the market still need to inspect the usual things such as body and interior condition, tire and brake wear, fluid leaks, paint, and service history. The latter can be obtained from the sellers’ receipts or dealership records.

Check the records

The service record of a hybrid must be maintained properly. This is the first and most vital step an owner must take. Maintenance is of prime importance and the service record will help the buyer determine how well the car has been tended to.

Since hybrids are largely computerized, the vehicle is designed in a manner to protect the unique system. The computer will decide how it responds to requests to accelerate, enable brakes or perform tasks that can result in wear and tear.

The regenerative braking systems of electric cars generally use the electric motor to decelerate the car. Hence, the brakes in hybrid vehicles brakes are reputed to last much longer than brakes on “regular” cars. As the seller, this will help you save money on maintenance costs before bidding farewell to your ride. Although, if there have been frequent brake jobs in the past, you’ll want to check if other mechanical components haven’t worn out prematurely.

The test-drive

A prospective buyer would definitely want to take the electric car for a reasonably long drive to fully understand the feel and experience of the car. Since most people haven’t owned or even driven a hybrid, it might take more than a drive or two for the buyer to be convinced to shell out his hard-earned money. The first drive can be somewhat astounding. Hybrids don’t feel or sound the same as traditional cars.

For the untrained ear, it can prove to be quite difficult to figure out if the hybrid’s powertrain is making noises that signal immediate attention or maintenance. So, as an experienced hybrid owner, it is only fair to allow a serious potential buyer enough time and chances to decide if they want to take the plunge and go for your car. This will ensure that all the parties involved are happy and satisfied with the decisions they take.

Independent inspection

Because hybrids come with powertrain technology and a lot of distinct and complex controls, a potential buyer might be interested in getting vehicle vetted by a hybrid mechanic competent enough to inspect the model in question.

The buyer or seller can set up a date and time for the inspection of the vehicle, as well as, the test drive.

Bear in mind that, not all buyers will show up for the inspection or test drive. It’s crucial that you allow yourself sufficient time to find somebody who’s genuinely interested in acquiring your trusted, sweet ride.