Out With The Old - 5 Trends That Are Revolutionizing The Business World

We live in a fast-paced business-driven world, with a vast amount of information always at our fingertips, meaning we are constantly bombarded with new stimuli. To find the best and most effective business trends, it’s essential to put some faith in new ideas. Choose the right ones, and you could exponentially increase your profits and client satisfaction. Check out five of the best new business trends below:

Leave the office

If you’re looking to cut back on costs and revolutionize your workplace, finding the best serviced and virtual offices in your area will allow you to do just that. Serviced offices are a one-stop-shop for any business owner. They can include all cleaning and furnishing services while also offering you tailored options for your specific tastes. Many also include a curated business center for all of your mailing and shipping needs. These offices also include all of the monthly utilities and rent in one simple payment, so you don’t have to worry about having multiple bills for your office space.

Go green

This next trend goes hand-in-hand with serviced and virtual offices – the rise of sustainable options for your place of business and your clients. The younger generation has become focused on how to reduce their carbon footprint as well as making sure they are not being wasteful.

Some ideas to make your office more sustainable can include installing bathroom fixtures that use less water or creating a recycling program that encourages the creative repurposing of items. An excellent place to do this is with paper usage. Reduce your use of paper even more by going paperless on billing and invoicing. And encourage employees to get involved by coming up with their own initiatives. Be sure to offer support for all ideas, and you’ll notice a positive change to people’s attitudes at work.


Another buzz phrase in the business world is “the gig economy.” Many companies are leveraging this type of work rather than going the traditional route with hourly or salaried employees. As the name suggests, workers within the gig economy are paid per gig, task, or project. This is an ideal structure if you only need certain tasks done intermittently and can operate with a remote workforce. By doing this, you are also reducing the overheads that come with traditional office spaces.


Creating personalized experiences is a new way to help engage people and keep your customers loyal. Data-driven personalization is a relatively new practice that emerged with the dawn of social media. This is done through targeted marketing and advertising campaigns based on specific algorithms that can offer services based on customer location. Companies use the data to curate recommendations that are specific to each consumer, based on historical views and purchases.


A more recent trend involves bringing professional organizers in to perfect your business processes. While this was once a profession limited to the home, hiring someone to come in to organize your business is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because business owners are having massive success with it.

While it may be worth hiring a professional to organize the physical assets of your office, where the real value lies is in having someone organize your online presence. Social media managers have experience tailoring campaigns to specific markets across multiple platforms, allowing you to focus in a targeted fashion on client relationships and business acumen.

Regardless of what new business trend you choose, make sure you always make your employees and clients a priority.